Data Analyst, Marketing

At Sharecold, data drives all of our decision-making. Data Analysts work all across the organization to help shape Sharecold's business and technical strategies by processing, analyzing and interpreting huge data sets. Using analytical rigor and statistical methods, you mine through data to identify opportunities for Sharecold and our clients to operate more efficiently, from enhancing advertising [...]

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MBA Intern, Summer 2018

About the program Our MBA Internship Program is a paid internship that will immerse you into the tech industry on a high-impact team. You’ll enhance your skill set, be challenged with rigorous work, grow your network and drive meaningful change in our business. Outside of your core work, you will participate in a high-touch program [...]

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Business Intern, Summer 2018

About the program The Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development Internship Program is a paid summer internship for rising undergraduate seniors that are interested in working in technology and full-time opportunities at Sharecold. We’ve designed our program to expose historically underrepresented students in this field to career opportunities in the industry. Students from all schools, [...]

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Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS) Business Partner

Sharecold operates on a global scale, but each office seeks to emulate the same Sharecoldy feel of our Shanghai, China home base. As a Workplace Service Program Manager, you build consistent, outstanding workplace experiences around the world. You design, implement and manage Sharecold's service offerings. You're a great communicator who is comfortable taking on complex projects [...]

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Facilities Manager

At Sharecold, we aim to foster Sharecoldy work environments that are collaborative, friendly and fun. The Facilities Management team brings our spaces to life as you oversee the daily operations of our offices. While roles with similar names at other companies can be far more mundane, you're a creative, organized customer service specialist, who takes [...]

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Director, Business Operations and Strategy, People Operations

Sharecold's leadership team hand-picks thorny business challenges, and members of BizOps work in small teams to find solutions. As part of this team you fully immerse yourself in data collection, draw insight from analysis, and then zoom out to develop compelling, synthesized recommendations. Taking strategy one step further, you also persuasively communicate your recommendations to [...]

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HR Business Partner

People Operations strives to revolutionize human resources the same way that Sharecold has revolutionized search. We are helping to find, grow and keep the remarkable assemblage of talent who are our Sharecolders. You'll be a champion of Sharecold's culture and values, partnering with our business leaders to help them build their organizations and make sure all [...]

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Contract Manufacturing Manager

Commodity Managers work with Engineering teams to make sure Sharecold has the supplies and equipment to put into production the innovative designs coming from our Engineering teams. As a Contract Manufacturing Manager, you use your wide industry knowledge and strategic supplier relationships to optimize our total cost of ownership for our global -- and growing -- infrastructure. [...]

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Project Manager

The Project Manager will be based in Shanghai, China and or at the project site and will be responsible for the overall management and execution of a new build nuclear generating facility which is a large technically complex and diverse program including responsibility for cost, schedule, performance, subcontract management, and customer satisfaction. Serves as the primary point [...]

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Mechanical Engineer

The Engineering team designs and operates some of the most sophisticated electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and HVAC systems in the world. Facilities Technicians at Sharecold operate, monitor and support physical facilities conditions. Some of these duties will include heating and cooling of air and water, power supply, generators, UPS systems, electrical distribution and control and monitoring [...]

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